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Azrael, Counter-Retribution.

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Azrael, Counter-Retribution.

Post by Octobutterfly on Tue Apr 21, 2015 6:00 pm

Name: Azrael

Age: Appears to be something around sixteen or seventeen-years-old for a human, but, in reality, he has only existed for twelve years.

Gender: Male

Race: Fallen Celestial



Unbefitting of his fiendish connections, Azrael sports the look of an innocent young man with his semi-curly white hair, some of it reaching down to his neck, and a constant smile on his face. His attire, however, resembles that of a mage. His physique, while a tad average, is mostly covered by his baggy arm sleeves and black stockings. The cape he wears, in particular, is his favorite piece, especially because of how it features golden eye-like stamps near the neck area.


The Celestial race have always been extremely systematic. They are born, work the rest of their lives as sin-punishing vigilantes who fight for the name of a Higher Being, and die, either through battle or by curses. This is the average life cycle of a Celestial. Unlike humans, they do not grow or age; they only change.

For better or for worse.

Celestials, once conceived, are nurtured inside fruits held by the Tree of Life. Due to their average size being that of a tall human, these fruits can grow to great sizes to support their bodies. They start off as babies inside the fruits, and, while inside, they age as a normal human, growing gradually taller and taller. However, once they are "born" by leaving the fruit, they stop aging and keep the body they have for as long as they live. This explains why Celestials often are seen in the most varied of forms, including from little girls to old men. The moment the Tree decides a Celestial has an appropriate body for its persona, it drops the fruit containing it, making the fruit splatter on the ground and giving consciousness to the Celestial. Forewarning this, High Nobles among the Celestials receive the newborns as soon as they stand up from the fall, and send them to an armory to be assigned a task and name. They are already born in good shape, with the ability of flight, and with enough mind maturity to take on military training. This is the process a Celestial goes through before becoming a sentinel for a Higher Being's rule and word.

It's an eternal cycle of perfect, clean-willed servitude.
But there's always that one bad apple.

Unlike the other fruits' natural, glimmering cold color, there was, once, a... rotten fruit. A "black sheep". The golden pigment that made the gifts of the Tree so beautiful were dampened to a murky combination of brown and yellow, and a few black blurs could be found visually polluting a was-to-be masterpiece even further. While the fruit was in this despicable state, the Celestial inside could still develop its own body, albeit lacking a few nutrients. The real burden of the rotten Fruit was that the Celestial inside had been deprived of one of the Fruits' greatest gift to a newborn Celestial; ignorance. After all, the Celestial inside this "ruined masterpiece", while unable to move, could still hear, unlike regular Celestials, who were unconscious while being nurtured inside their fruit.

The room holding the Tree of Life also acted as a confession room of sorts. While a Celestial's birth wasn't near its scheduled date, already-born Celestials could walk in freely during their spare time and confess any sin or ill act they have committed. One would think that such things aren't common between Celestials. After all, they speak in the name of the All-Mighty; He who gave birth to all things, and who is always there to protect His people.

One would think such things.

The child inside the bad apple had been born with an accursed intuition; any information could mean someone's conviction, were he born yet. As such, he could learn and deduce a lot of things very easily from every Celestial that walked through the door and carelessly spouted out a few words. The casual meetings Nobles held in that room helped him, in particular, to learn about the Celestials' life cycle, the Image The Higher Being represented, and all about their religious customs. And... The best part about it. The confessions. He heard them all. Every single word.

Penance speeches were so often heard that it became a habit of his to try and see how he could verbally mock whoever was confessing his or her deeds. Of course, he wasn't capable of speech at the time, but it was something fun to think about.
It was also a way to shake off whatever he heard from the so-called Beings of Purity.
All the image the Nobles unwillingly stuffed into his head about the Celestials and their noble deeds was completely flushed down by the confessions coming form the Celestials themselves. How could so-called "Beings of Purity" even be able to lift a finger against the innocent? "Forgive me! I cut the civilian's arm off by accident! But it was necessary!". "This man tried to usurp my rank in the army! I had to do it!". "But it was only a few copper coins! I had to purchase supplies immediately, or the situation would've gotten beyond my control!". And some even rambled onto stuff such as "Please! Have mercy! It was necessary! Do not Smite me, Lord!". This led to the assumption that there was some form of severe punishment to those who did not confess. And, considering how he heard such pleas coming from the same voices, he assumed the crimes were forgiven simply because the sin was confessed.

This didn't disappoint the Celestial being nurtured inside the rotten Fruit; in fact, it amused him. Beings of such noble blood acting so impurely... It appeared that even the light had cast its own shadow. And without repercussion, simply as long as darkness itself existed. So, this lead the pseudo-fetal Celestial in question to make a choice.
"These Celestials... Are such hypocrites. Someone's gonna have to teach them a lesson, right?... Ehehe.~".

As he kept witnessing confessions, meetings, births, and more confessions, the child of the bad apple grew eager of his time to break free. And one day, it finally arrived.
As soon as the fruit was dropped off the branch and hit the ground, being followed by a disgusting "splat" sound and a pool of grotesque black juice, the newborn Celestial opened its eyes. Apparently, no one was there to receive him. His assumption was that his fruit was deemed as "defective", and, therefore, wouldn't give birth to a Celestial before rotting away. But they were wrong.

The newborn wasn't really disappointed at his lack of reception. In fact, he was more than pleased; this was his chance to sneak away from this never-forgiving bowhole. And, with that, he ran towards the cliff behind the Tree and took a leap of faith into the Mortal Realm. He didn't really know what would happen, but he felt... Compelled to. He felt as if fate itself was calling for him. Calling out his name, and imperating him to jump off that cliff.

And it was.

Before reaching the ground, a deep darkness surrounded the Celestial. This was followed by some warped images of what seemed to be a volcanic area, which then shifted to depict a scorching land with no let-up for the cold. Geysers of lava were bursting all over the place. The ground itself shook whenever one of them erupted. Vast mountains of what appeared to be bones could be spotted from miles away. The atmosphere wasn't very welcoming. The Celestial felt a bit dizzy at first, but then regained his consciousness after a tall figure held his shoulder form behind and made him turn around. After regaining his composure, the Celestial could identify the figure better. It was... Pink. At least, its skin seemed to be a light pink. The rest of the figure's body was clad in dark-green armor with several ornaments in black and silver. Besides that, he could identify large, imposing wings, from a color a bit darker than the figure's skin. It also seemed to have hooved feet, and...

Before the Celestial was able to say anything, the tall figure knelt down on one of his knees while keeping its hand on the confused newborn's shoulder. Leaning its head towards his ear, he whispered in a demeaning, yet, at the same time, seductive voice;

"My child... You long for justice, right? To punish those who break the law and still try to make up excuses for their ill acts? To cut off those hypocrites' tongues before they spread their omen to others? To make those who deceive the innocent feel the taste of their own bloody daggers?
Accept my offer, son. You can become better than them. You can prove them their deeds do, indeed, have repercussion. Now, awaken. Accept my gift, and make them tremble at the mention of your name...


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