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Flynn's deuteragonist (other main) character!

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Flynn's deuteragonist (other main) character!

Post by Exsolus on Wed Apr 29, 2015 2:31 pm


Liam Reverie









"Excuse me, sir! Sir?" A hunched elderly little man balancing his notebook in one hand and stained glasses in the other hobbled towards the regal figure in the heart of the masses. At first glance, the man appeared in such royal aura the crowd had split to make his path, the giggling of young ladies and the murmuring of audience had stolen the attention of the bustling city. However, what truly had offset the crowd were the young man's clothes. Dressed in a style only the most seasoned historians would even begin to guess at recognizing. The sleek black fit, fit into two pieces for upper and lower body in a hugging design meant to flatter the torso with crisp lines and angles, finished with an open chest covered by a buttoned undershirt laced over with a thinner, triangular piece of cloth. This style; this outfit is a... Is a... Suit and tie!

The "suit and tie" dates back to the earliest ages, meant f- The young man turned around and scanned the crowd behind him, a look of innocent confusion on his face. "Sir!" the little man called again. The young prince met his attendee and smiled, exaggerating his looks in a way that earned another chorus of audible swooning. The little man grimaced. He hated dealing with young, upstart pretty boys. Most definitely, this lad had already long traded any sense of intelligence for his perfectly rustled hair.
"Good afternoon, I'm sorry to bother you, but as a man of such obvious renown, would you mind a few minutes for the Daily Whisper?". The prince appeared lost. He adjusted his tie. The little man's face furthered into a scowl. Did this brat even understand proper sentences? He opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by the prince's booming laughter, placing a hand on his side and leaning back with a laugh much more powerful than expected.
"Yes, yes! Well said! Let us be off, my friend!" The prince began a stride past the crowd and into the shopping district, leaving the crowd just as bewildered as the little reporter man.
"Hold on, wait for me!" He began a shuffle after the prince.

After finally catching up to the lad, the reporter found him seated at a little corner cafe, beckoning him over. "I've already ordered for the both of us, dear friend, I hope you don't mind". He stuffed the thick cotton lap cloth from the table into his shirt. -Is that a bib...?- The reporter wondered. "Er, yes that's fine". He rummaged through his pockets to find his preferred notebook. "Now, the way you held the eyes of the crowd, you must be royalty, yes? From here in Majesty? I heard their son, the crown prince was off to travel the settled lands, bu-"
"A king! I am no majestic prince, my friend, I am a king of the greatest nation in the world".
The reporter furrowed his brow in confusion. This young man is not the king of Majesty who still rules with many decades left in his term. But he is of obvious royalty... The silver and sapphire jewel ring on his finger attests easily to that. The reporter spoke again, indifference in his voice. "A king, you say? The only king I am aware of is his majesty Reginald governing the Majesty sovereign, but-" Again, the young royal cut him off.
"Not of Majesty, no. No, I am the king of the Reverie kingdom, named after my own blood. Surely you have heard of it?" He asked, just as our food arrived. Simple sandwiches and iced coffee...
The Reverie... Well, it matches the cut cloth...
"N-no, I have not".
The "king" leaned back with an expression of shock. "You jest!".
"Might you tell me about it, then?".
"Yes, I would be pleasured".
-I'm going to regret this.. I need to suck it up. My promotion relies on this-
"The Reverie kingdom lies far in the north, bordering the frigid tundra lands! A permeable aura of courage, power, honour, and justice can be examined even miles from our glorious lands! My father, blessed may he rest, left the crown in my hands to build our domain to surpass the expectations. Within out entire kingdom, all ten of us-"
"Wait, might I heard you correctly? All... Ten of you? You mean in the castle?"
"No! The entirety of Reverie stands under the junction of ten of the purest hearts in the world, if I may be so bold, I stand among them! Ha ha ha ha!" He continued a powerful laugh.
"I.. See. And what do you stand to gain here in Majesty?".
"I am to explore the world I will soon hold my own piece of. To experience how it works and how I can improve myself in doing so".
"Ah.. And you, uh. Choice of clothing..?"
"Oh this?" He lifted his arm, displaying the suit and tie. "It is the common clothing in Reverie. Frankly, I'm surprised to see you all in Majesty dressed so... Uniquely".
The little reporter's eye twitched. -If anyone's "unique", here...-
"Ah, as I see the sky, it's getting around the clock. I must be off to meet my companions". Without waiting for the reporter's reply, he stood and dabbed his mouth with his bib, thanked the reporter for his time and left.
-That was... Quite the experience if any. If I can keep my story straight and perhaps bend a few details, I can.. Wait- The reporter looked up from his thoughts, towards the now distant figure of the king. He had forgotten to ask his name! ...And worse yet.
"W-wait! What about the bill?!".

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