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Sumaru's abilties

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Sumaru's abilties

Post by Sumaru on Sat May 09, 2015 6:16 pm

Ability Name:Pain Packer

Ability Effect:The more pain the user feels the greater there physical performance is.

Ability Limit:If the user sustains a large amount of pain the user could in fact pass out from the pain.

Ability Name:Pain Packer Rising Sun

Ability Effect:Pain Packer - Rising Sun: At a high peak of pain, the user can emit the pain from their body in the form of a small sun that extends a magical heat that will burn away any magic within one-hundred yards, and the heat is so intense, it is virtually painful to even be conscious except for the user who is immune to the heat.

Ability Limit:Lasts for three posts, cannot be used within the first eight posts. Takes six posts to cool down.

Ability Name:Djinn Equip

Ability Effect:The user has there Djinn take over there body giving them the power of flight and the power of there Djinn.

Ability Limit: The user can sustain this form as long as they have magoi within them.

Ability Name:Bararaq

Ability Effect: User summons lightning from his sword to strike the opponent. This attack can be used in full Djinn equip or simply in weapon equip.

Ability Limit:Takes up Magoi

Ability Name:Bararaq Saiqa

Ability Effect:When the user uses this Metal Vessel, he draws lightning down from the sky. Once the lightning has been summoned and stored in the sword, it releases an enormous lightning blast able to fill the sky with light.

Ability Limit:Can only be used five posts into a fight and takes 5 posts to recharge.

Ability Name:Bararaq Inqerad-Saiqa

Ability Effect:When this Extreme Magic is used, an enormous blade of concentrated lightning in the form of the users weapon is released from above to impale anything below it.

Ability Limit:This attack takes one post to charge up and can only be used after 10 posts into a fight.

Ability Name:Foraz Zora

Ability Effect:User uses this attack to summon two wind tornadoes around his hands, then combines them together over his head, throwing down an enormous tornado that can destroy a mountain. He is also able to manipulate wind on a smaller scale without combining them.

Ability Limit:Magoi is needed and this attack can only be used every two posts.


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