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Sumaru Amaya

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Sumaru Amaya

Post by Sumaru on Sat May 09, 2015 5:54 pm

Name:Sumaru Amaya




Appearance: Despite his white hair and pale skin everything about him is black. His clothes and even his eyes. He tends to wear Leather jackets and black T-Shirts. His jeans are also black and even his sneakers are even black. He also keeps a golden sword where Baal dwells which is sheathed on his belt and a silver bracelet where Focalor dwells.

Background:Just like the clothes he wears Sumaru is a dark person. He was raised into a family of Assassins. But not any kind of family. The blood that ran within them was something more. They gained something that can only be felt through pain. There pain enhanced there physical performance. Every person born into the blood line all had black hair, but Sumaru was born an Albino with red eyes. His family disliked this and took him to a woman in the woods. She snapped her fingers and changed his eye colors from red to black. His hair was something she refused to change. She said it was what made him stick out from the group of blood thirsty killers. That comment got the kind woman killed. Sumaru took her words into consideration. Perhaps him standing out was a good thing. Maybe he wouldn't have to be an assassin. But he was wrong. His family forced him to train and train. He learned swordplay and the art of execution and how to blend in with the dark.

When Sumaru was only thirteen, him and his family were thrown into a mysterious tower. They were hired to infiltrate and kill a man who had entered the tower in search of great power. It was there where him and his family of assassins. They called the tower a "dungeon." When him and his family arrived inside the dungeon the man was waiting for them. He had a sadistic smile on his face and Sumaru knew they were led into a trap. Turns out the people that paid them wanted to end the bloodline of the Amaya. They were scared of what they could do. Sumaru saw the man pull a thin silk line. What happened next was a disaster. The walls blew up and caved in on themselves.

Sumaru awoke covered in the blood of his family. He somehow received minimal damage. He felt his muscles perk up a bit from the pain. He took out a silver dagger and stabbed his legs. He then took flight into the cave. The only thing on his mind was the blood of this man. After a few hours of searching Sumaru came upon a room. He saw the door had already been opened so he assumed the man would be in there. He walked in as silently as possible. He then saw the man reach for a lamp of some sorts. When he rubbed it a blue spirit shot up out of it. The spirit looked around the room in curiosity and smirked, "Only one can be my master. Yet two stand before me." The man turned around in horror as Sumaru emerged from the shadows. In a matter of seconds Sumaru was behind the man and he shoved his dagger into his back. He pushed the man to the ground and the last thing the man saw was the sadistic smile on Sumaru's face. After he murdered the man he looked up to the blue spirit. He turned his head raised his hand outwards handing Sumaru a golden sword. The spirit smiled and jumped into the blade. A weird pentagram mark took form on the blade's hilt. After a loud rumble noise was made Sumaru found himself sitting in a giant hole from where the Dungeon used to be.

After two years Sumaru had mastered the Djinn known as Baal. With the power of Baal and the bloodline of the Amaya that ran through his veins Sumaru knew he was destined to do something with his life. Whether it was to walk the path of murder or the path of redemption he knew one thing. Nothing would be able to stop him.

After another two years Sumaru felt broken. He hadn't found out what he wanted to do with this great power. And so far he had only used it to kill for money. Sumaru was a truly broken person with a black heart. He needed someone to help show him the light but for now he wouldn't get that.


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