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Azrael's Abilities (Whip)

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Azrael's Abilities (Whip)

Post by Octobutterfly on Sat Jul 25, 2015 7:29 pm

Ability Name: Gespenst

Ability Effect: Azrael fuses his essence with that of Gespenst, demon symbolizing bloodlust and mercilessness. This changes his appearance and gives all of his abilities new effects.
While in this form, Azrael's physical strength and defensive capabilities are drastically increased, while his speed gets a moderate increase, and his magic resistance receives a slight increase.
In this form, Azrael may freely and extremely quickly increase the heat from any of his body parts (or his entire body), which, besides the obvious use of burning things on touch, serves the purpose of creating vapor using the air’s moisture to cover himself and his attacks. Vapor created in this manner features a bright, blood-red color, further concealing his movements while inside it.
He also features heat detection while in this form, allowing him to detect the variation in heat inside a radius of five meters around him. He can pretty much "see" anything inside this space, as long as it doesn't share the same temperature as the ambiance. This includes detection of cloaked enemies.

While Azrael retains self-control in this form, his personality takes a bit of a twist into a more aggressive and ruthless one.

Ability Limit: Lasts for seven posts; can’t be used again for five posts after it ends. Causes strain in the user’s arms while on cooldown, reducing their speed and strength. This strain persists while in other forms.

Ability Name: Fantôme

Ability Effect: Azrael fuses his essence with that of Fantôme, demon symbolizing deceit and betrayal. This changes his appearance and gives all of his abilities new effects.
While in this form, Azrael’s raw magic power is drastically increased, while his magic resistance gets a moderate increase, and his physical defense gets a slight increase.
In this form, Azrael  gains the ability of partial levitation.  While it allows movement in all directions, movement is slower further away from the ground, and it’s not outrageously fast to begin with.
He also gains the ability to create special, 3x3 meters-wide magic walls. The walls are colored a semi-transparent indigo. He can freely traverse through them; anyone else that physically touches them receives a nervous shock, stunning them for a single post. While all walls are see-through, if a wall stands between Azrael and an opponent’s point of view, he (Azrael) will appear invisible to his opponent’s eyes. Walls completely block small projectiles. If it’s hit by a medium projectile or a regular physical punch, the wall breaks, but completely halts the attack’s momentum. If it’s hit by a large projectile or strong physical attack, the attack breaks the wall and goes through, but its momentum is severely reduced. Extremely powerful magic or physical attacks can break the walls with no momentum loss.
Up to two walls can be kept up at a time. Azrael may only cast a wall once per post, with a one-post cooldown. If a third wall is cast, the oldest wall disappears.
While Azrael retains self-control in this form, his personality takes a bit of a twist into a more analytical one.

Ability Limit: Lasts for seven posts; can’t be used again for five posts after it ends. Causes strain in the user’s magic veins while on cooldown, reducing his magical power output. This strain persists while in other forms.

Ability Name: Oath

Ability Effect: By waving his hand or weapon charged with fel energy quickly in a straight motion, Azrael generates a shockwave which travels in a singular direction, strong enough to cut through flesh like a steel blade, while causing slight burns to anything it touches. Due to being created using fel energy, it features slight homing towards strong vital energy signs, with preference towards the user's chosen target. This ability gains special effects if Azrael is fused with a demon.

- Gespenst Oath: A blood-red shockwave which can be fired from his hands and his knife-lance. If fired from his lance, the shockwave will have properties similar to paint, in that it will "stain" anything it touches. Besides the damage from the cut itself, stains will cause burning corrosion to any solid material they touch, and, while it won't corrode living matter, it will cause extremely severe, burning pain to it. The stain dissipates gradually through the course of three posts. Has a two-post cooldown if cast from the hands, or three if cast from the lance. These cooldowns are shared.

- Fantôme Oath: A single indigo shockwave with an irregular shape cast from the user's nails. Its odd shape is prone to cause misjudging of its range, size, and reach. The width of the wave increases as it travels, also in an odd pattern; its width increases by about a meter after traveling for half a meter, then grows two meters quickly as it finishes traveling the other half meter, and it repeats. It goes at normal speed as it grows, but gains bursts of speed while growing the two meters. Has a max reach of seven meters. After it comes in contact with terrain or reaches its max range, the wave compacts itself into a sphere which proceeds to explode immediately. This explosion can be controlled to be either silent or noisy. The explosion doesn't deal any form of damage, but it generates multiple spherical projectiles of fel energy which spread directly away from the explosion. After a few seconds, these projectiles home in with extremely high accuracy on nearby life forms, prioritizing Azrael's opponents. Upon contact, they trigger a small explosion. Has a cooldown of three posts.

- Espectro Oath: Semi-transparent golden shockwaves which can be cast in really quick succession. May be cast manually from the user's hands or beak gem. Those fired from the hands are slightly weaker compared to the regular version and aren't as wide, but they travel a lot faster, and, as such, the momentum they receive makes them cut a lot better. To be able to fire shockwaves from his beak gem, Azrael needs an intense amount of light (For example, sunlight) as an energy source. After aiming his gem at the source of the light, Azrael may choose a basic element (fire, water, earth, lightning, wind, light, or dark) and fire a shockwave from his beak gem imbued with that element, no motion required besides aiming. Shockwaves fired from his beak are identical to his Celestial form's, except they lose their burn (unless they're imbued with fire, of course), as the fel energy is replaced by the chosen element for that attack only. It is also a lot wider.
Additionally, while dashing at high speeds, Azrael may charge his six wings with fel energy to generate shockwaves as he travels, effectively covering a huge area around him.
Shockwaves may be fired from the user's hand up to four times per post, with a cooldown of one post. If fired from the beak, they have a cooldown of four posts. The special effect it can give while dashing may only be used once per post, with a cooldown of five posts.

Ability Limit: In all forms except Espectro, may be used up to twice per post.
Cooldown of two posts while in Celestial form.

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