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Scarlet Sombra-W.I.P

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Scarlet Sombra-W.I.P

Post by Naga on Thu Jul 23, 2015 10:31 am

Name: Scarlet Sombra

Age: 300

Gender: Female

Race: Human



Born into a prestigious family of powerful mages, Scarlet lived her early years deep within the walls of Majesty. Though to some the towering city, packed to the brim with bizarre creatures from all walks of life, may seem quite daunting, the young girl was not afraid of the enormous buildings, not frightened by the vast collection of species which gathered there day-by-day. Majesty was her home, and she would grow to know it like the back of her hand, to love it as if it were a part of her family.

The young girl earned quite the reputation in Majesty. Though by no means famous, many people knew of Scarlet, the young prodigy with a great talent for magic who, instead of following her parents footsteps and becoming a mage, chose the path of a researcher. A curious child with an intelligent mind, Scarlet developed a lust for knowledge as she grew older, drawing her to this career. But what drew her to this path even more so was her wonder and fascination for magic.

Magic has long since become a common sight in this world, used by both powerful, authoritative figures and commoners alike. Yet, despite it's regularity, it has still been able to mystify people like Scarlet, who have devoted their entire lives to discovering it's secrets.

However, there are some secrets best left undiscovered.

These exact words were spoken by people who noticed Scarlet dabbling in darker magical arts.

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