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Zechs Renaurd

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Zechs Renaurd

Post by Zechs on Tue Apr 21, 2015 12:27 am

Name: Zechs Renaurd

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Zechs' most notable feature is his snow-white spiky hair, barely covering his icy blue eyes, both often taking attention from the scar going down his left eye. However, in public, he often wears his white mask resembling a fox to hide his face.

Zechs wears a royal yet ragged black and white, buttoned tunic that runs down into a tattered waist cape. Under that are baggy gray pants with multiple pockets on the side. His black boots reach up his shins, and the outside area around his toes plated in steel. He wears a long white coat reaching down to his shins, the hood edges covered in white fur, and the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His gloves, in the color of his boots, albeit gray on the underside, reach up his wrists, and the area on the back of his hands are plated in steel.  

Zechs grew up in the care of an elderly man only known as Marticus, oblivious to the royal family he belonged to. His family was a long line of nobles, but with a less than innocent cause if seen in the eyes of fellow aristocrats. Zechs was taken by Marticus to ensure the survival of the Renaurd family, and he grew up under the pacifistic ways of his mentor, and there he trained with him as a well disciplined man with a vocabulary rarely leaving "Yessir."

As years passed, and Marticus grew older, Zechs' magical prowess as well as swordsmanship vastly improved, it would be soon that Marticus order Zechs to seek out the truth, and end his time here. Along the way, he unlocked magics he never knew existed within himself, and eventually parted ways with his mentor, on one last request by his master to head to Majesty.

Zechs' journey there was long, and would be the first time he left his mentor's home. His endeavors finally led him to Majesty alive, and upon entering, the first major thing he saw was an execution of a group of people to be hanged. While something Zechs should've thought little of at first, words struck his heart like a dagger upon hearing.

".. On charges of treason and plotted murder of myself and numerous families, I hereby sentence the elusive Renaurd family.. To death."

Somewhere along his fumbling through the crowd, Zechs' hood came off, and his snow-white hair was revealed to the public. Being grabbed and held up by his head, he was revealed to the people as one of the members, and he too, was demanded to be executed.

A will to fight and survive grew, and Zechs opened a red portal which blinded the nearby people, and from it emerged a blonde knight clad in silver and blue armor. In swift strikes the knights who held Zechs were flat on the ground, the shrieks of fear flooded the streets. Despite that, he was still stuck on his family and their position, but before he could even reach out for them, the executioner with a sinister grin released them into the gallows, only allowing his family to catch a glimpse of him before falling.

The surrounding guards that closed in snapped Zechs out of his clouded state, and he was grabbed by the knight and taken away from harm. However, since the incident, Zechs had gained a hatred for royalty and aristocrats, even though he hailed from a family of the same class. He swore vengeance on the man responsible for what happened, had he ever encountered him in the future, but at the time he fled the city as a fugitive, and became a wanderer across wherever survival called him.

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