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Flynn Argall

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Flynn Argall

Post by Exsolus on Mon Apr 20, 2015 11:21 pm

Name: Flynn C. Argall

Age: Twenty-one

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Appearance: Thick, unruly brown hair with the shade of deep, oakwood brown; tall with a thin muscular frame and hazel eyes. Normally dressed in dark coloured pants, a stylish button down with the sleeves rolled, and a hood-less zip up jacket, complete with a barely noticeably thin scar on the right side of his jaw.

Background: "Unstable? That can't be true. I've never had problems with anything that obtuse. Are you sure that's correct?".

-He should have listened...-

"Excuse me, can you let me through please?".

-Why didn't he listen to us..?..-

"I-I'm sorry- I'm just trying to get through!"

-We tried to help him; we tried and nothing worked..-

"Why did you... Hit me.. I just want to get past. Please..".

-Why didn't we stop it?! Everything is g-gone but why didn't we.."

"... I said. Let me through".

-My baby... ..Why didn't we kill him.. When we had the chance..-

"...Hehe.. What happens now, it isn't my fault anymore.. You brought this.. on yourself. You understand.. Right?.

-And now.. Everything is gone-

There used to be a town here. Yur was a fishing town right off the coast of the largest Caress isle. We provided a majority of the isle's food and drink off of our behemoth.
We named her Coral. She was so small compared to her herd.
Never once were we worried about crime or dishonesty. We sailed across the waves loving every day the sun rose on, which was every day. Flynn was always a funny little lad, always trying to swim with Coral, trying to race her and begging to real in the biggest fish when we hooked a green Merlin.
Even as he grew up, he was just like the other kids around the island, albeit a little more competitive for his own good. Even so, he was kindhearted and a hard worker. Thinking back, I can remember the first incident being right after we shoved off from shore for trading. He came with us to trade the fish he'd caught and explore the main land. I remember the boy being so excited to sell what he'd caught himself. At dusk, when we were settling in after the longer day, and a fire broke out. Naturally, we were all alerted by Coral's response to the, uh. Hot spot on her back. She shivered and shook and we all took to rushing towards the south end where the lashing glow grew and weaved. Flynn had caught his family's hut on fire with his powers and started a track of blaze trail across a few other huts. We worked all night to extinguish it and get everyone safe. Coral was safe and out of harm, just a little vocal. It was a shock, but it was an event that had happened more than once before. Kids learning their magic and losing control through excitement or getting too upset. Flynn was energetic and confident; it's almost expected for this to happen. However, it wasn't just his home which took the toll for his practice, but his father. Horribly burned and crippled, he lie in the medical ward for almost a year until he passed. I had... Worried about Flynn and his mother. She wept horribly for the first few weeks but she's a strong woman. Flynn, I think took it worse. He never cried or never became solemn. It was almost as if it never happened to him... I just thought it was his way of trying to deal with it. To be strong.

That... That wasn't the case.

It was a few years after. Flynn had been seeing a therapist for the past couple years as his emotional state had swiftly deteriorated into something scary. He had become... The best word for it would be unstable. From one moment, the young lad who was always pushing himself to be better; cheerful and stapled by that grin that you could tell meant trouble, and the second... Whoever it was... He was somebody else. A dark glare and intentions that always lead to harm, together with that.. Grueling and horrible smile as if you were nothing but a corpse to him... Maybe that's all we were... It's what most of us are now.
It was a winter night when it happened. Coral was upset and incredibly afraid. She let out a piercing wail that shattered the night silence and everyone had rushed out. The other behemoths and neighboring groups had become worried as well, maneuvering towards us and casting out rope plank bridges to get across. It was eerily silent; Coral had suddenly stopped making any noise at all. Most of us, myself included had went to comfort her, make sure she was okay. We bent over the ledge to see her massive head and- .. There wasn't anything there. Just mangled ribbons of what looked like... Burnt flesh and a thickening cloud of dark water.
Somebody screamed in our group, and then another. But... The second scream came from far behind us.
There was a bright, hazy glow as my group approached the south end of the island. Past the huts and into the clearing, the mumbling and frightened cries of those who stayed behind had become silent. We entered the clearing and found the torched, crisped bodies of those we had left behind. Everyone... Had been killed. Burnt beyond recognition. Except one figure, standing in the middle of it all.
It was Flynn.
He turned to us and the look on his face was that of elation. He said something, something I can't remember... I think I could once and... He was upon us. So little... Almost no one made it out alive. I almost drowned beneath Coral's sinking, titanic body, unable to see where I was going in the water so stained with Coral's blood.
After those few of us had been rescued, he was already gone. The last I heard, he was traveling the world in search of a new place; a new home. I pray to the Gods he never finds one. For your sake.
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