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Flynn Argall - Abilities

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Flynn Argall - Abilities

Post by Exsolus on Wed Apr 22, 2015 7:11 pm

1. Ability Name: X - Burner

Ability Effect: A chargeable blast attack (0-3 posts). Activation of the move halts all momentum the user carries and suspends them in their current station, even in mid air or water. One hand extends back and projects a wave of soft, harmless flame that causes this phenomena, while the other extends forward with a bright glow. Depending on the charge, the power and size of the blast ( a large orange and hazy white beam) will increase.

Ability Limit: Can only be activated once every two posts.


2. Ability Name: Sky Flames

Ability Effect: The user gains the properties of Sky Deathperation; a type of "flame" that offers varying effects. Most namely, the factor of Harmonization that sucks out the energy and turns to stone (a slow process that requires constant contact). It also can be used as a means of propulsion with controlled aerial form. All of the user's attacks and limbs are augmented with this flame.

Ability Limit: Passive


3. Ability Name: Zero Point Breakthrough - First Edition

Ability Effect: The user places their hands together in a symbolic fashion and a flickering flame appears between the two hands. Anything that comes in contact with this flame is swiftly coated in a virtually unbreakable crystalline ice. This ice cannot be melted by conventional means as anything that does not meet the criteria turns into a negative state and loses effect. Affects physical and non-physical entities.

Ability Limit: User must stand still. Ice will wear off entirely after six posts if it fails to fully encompass. Contact must be had. Lack of connection will halt the growth of the ice. Can only be melted by the combination of seven completely different forms of energy. Can only be used once every five posts and failure to use it will force the cooldown.


4. Ability Name: Zero Point Breakthrough - Revised

Ability Effect: User must stand still. The user places their hands together in a symbolic fashion and a glowering flame appears between the two hands. Anything energy/magic/power/non-physically based that comes in contact with this flame will be sucked into it and converted into energy for the user, giving them a boost in parameters.

Ability Limit: User must stand still. Parameter boost lasts three posts. Alternatively, the user can use all of the gained energy to power up a single ability and unleash it, using up the rest of the energy and placing it on cooldown. Can only be used once every three posts. Cooldown begins once the energy has been diminished or used up.


5. Ability Name: Cambio Forma

Ability Effect: An ability that transforms the user, giving them unique weapons and gear. The user's right arm gains a large steel gauntlet that increases the power of their attacks and the output of Sky Flames, increasing propulsion as well. The user also gains a large charcoal gray cape with the harnessed power of Harmony. Whatever comes in contact with the cape, be it energy or physical, quickly loses its momentum and energy and it turned to stone. The user can only use one of these forms at a time and only one within a post.

Ability Limit: No post limit but each form can only be used four times per topic. User can only use one form at a time and only one within a post.


6. Ability Name: Burning Axle

Ability Effect: A chargeable attack (0-1). The user's fist(s) are heavily charged with the explosive power of Sky Flames and compacted within the user's fist(s). The attack then may be held freely if charged, but can only be held it charged the maximum amount (one entire post) otherwise, the move must be unleashed. Upon contact with a force, the energy unleashed and explodes around the user's fist with massive force the longer charged.

Ability Limit: Can only be held within the user's fists if charged the full amount waiting time, otherwise must be used. When charged, it does not affect the user at all until unleashed. Once unleashed, it enters a two post cooldown.


7. Ability Name: X Gear

Ability Effect: The user is equipped with a set of red and orange bracer armour and gauntlets connected by silver chains. The user's capabilities skyrocket and turns the user's X-Burner attack into the XX-Burner. The only change is the power increases... And the name.

Ability Limit: Lasts six posts.


8. Ability Name: Oath Flame

Ability Effect: The user's Sky Flames transform into Oath Flames. From a silvery hazy orange added with a deep red. The user gains power over Gravity allowing skeletal reinforcement, control over, well, gravity in a medium area, the ability to slow movement around him. This also gives the user the capability to turn their X-Burner or XX-Burner into a Compressed X/XX-Burner, which is thinner and faster.

Ability Limit: All of these abilities can only be accessed with the Oath Flame. The Oath Flame works on a charge system, meaning the user can use it for ten posts before they lose access to it entirely for the rest of that topic. It can be turned on and off at will. Using it once in a single post counts as a charge being used. Also, the user can only use one of the abilities gained per post.


9. Ability Name: Hyper Intuition

Ability Effect: The user has an almost miraculous sense of judgement and/or understanding that has the ability to activate on its own. Similar to instinct. This "instinctual" allows the user to fully understand their surroundings completely. It allows the user to sense hidden enemies or areas or unseen attacks and tell the difference between truth or lie.

Ability Limit: Enters cooldown for seven posts upon activation. The user can only use the "determine truth or lie" freely while the rest activates beyond their control.


10. Ability Name: Zero Point Breakthrough - Second Revision

Ability Effect: An ability created by Sky Flame user Flynn C. Argall. The user places their hands together in a symbolic fashion and a flickering flame appears between the two hands. Anything with a force that connects to this flame has its momentum sucks out entirely, leaving the connected force weakened. The momentum is then stored in the user's body and can be released at any time. Can hold up to two charges. The user may release this momentum within any physical aspect of their body at will. One or both charges may be released. Alongside this, ZPB - SR may be activated with one hand as long as both hands are in working condition. A simple touch is still required to activate it.

Ability Limit: Two post cooldown. The weakened state given by this attack to the opponent lasts only one post and only affects the targeted area of either arms, legs, head, or chest. When used with one hand, it cannot be used with both unless they are connected like the other Zero Point Breakthroughs.

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