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Basaka's abilities

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Basaka's abilities

Post by Serephene Basaka on Wed Apr 22, 2015 3:58 pm

Basaka was given Six Blessings from Lucifer, though many may call them curses when pitted against the warrior. Along these blessings are natural talents she's learned through the years.

Ability Name: Edge of the Abyss

Ability Effect: The user's weapon is encompassed with a malicious violet glow that extends out of their weapon in the most appropriate manner. This doubles the size and range of the weapon while also increasing its power significantly. The weight of the weapon is not affected either. When this ability enters the last post of use, the violet aura will encompass the host object and detonate.

Ability Limit: The aura covers the current weapon wielded, meaning if the user changed weapons while in effect, it will transfer to the new weapon. Aura lasts three posts with a three post cool down

Ability Name: Blessing of Jupiter

Ability Effect: A strike of lightning quicker than thought strikes the user and envelops them in a film that grants full immunity to energy or non-physical based attacks for two posts.

Ability limit: Six post cool down. Cool down begins once the Blessing ends

Ability Name: Destined to Stand Above

Ability Effect: Upon physical contact with the user's hands, arms, feet, or legs, the user places a marker on the opponent's body that causes all lightning the user expends to follow the target with precision.

Ability Limit: Marker lasts four posts and cannot be used again for four posts after it vanishes.

Ability Name: A Kingdom's Regret

Ability Effect: The user's body and armour is imbued with a malevolent energy that flickers in the shape of a dim red fire. The user's body is cursed and uncontrolled, making it so everything the user touches with their armour or body has its energy sucked out slowly and weakened. Punches, kicks have this effect too. It also works in the kinetic law, passing through the user's body directly through the opponent's armour or weapon to suck out the energy.

Ability Limit: Requires direct contact. Passive. Controllable when not wearing armour. Auto-activated once armour is equipped.

Ability Name:
First Blessing- Mad Enhancement

Ability Effect:
Blinded by Rage, Serephene enters Berserker mode. This results in her battling unhindered by fear, pride, or honor. This madness results in her strength and speed increasing drastically. For example, she can jump incredible heights and lengths, smash boulders easily, and out-run a horse.

Ability Limit:
Passive, not a real limit here..

Ability Name:
Second Blessing- Knight of Honor.

Ability Effect:
Basaka can make use of anything she classifies as a weapon, from telephone poles to the Abilities of others, as her own 'Noble Phantasm'. She displays subtle and flawless technique, showing grandeur in using unfamiliar Abilities in repeated offensive and defensive maneuvers. Knight of Honour can corrupt the weapons of others, no matter how pure or attached they are. It also grants all abilities within that weapon/item, and can change the form within reason.

Ability Limit:
She must have physical contact with the item to corrupt it.

Ability Name:
Third Blessing- For Someone's Glory, Lancelot's Armor.

Ability Effect:
Eclipsing herself in shadow, the form of Basaka's body is lost in the ebony wisps. The only visible marks are the red streaks that come from Basaka's armor, which can be masked if the ability's true power is let out. It is black, foggy aura that engulfs her to prevent others from discerning her identity by obscuring her figure and keeping enemies from reading her abilities. The true nature of the ability would allow her to disguise himself as other warriors.

Ability Limit:
Dispelled within Hell's Torch, or by Arondight.

Ability Name:
Fourth Blessing- Hell's Reach

Ability Effect:
Creating a barrier beneath her feet, Serephene can step into the air, unhindered by height or reach. This is done by a force collecting beneath her feet- crimson in color.

Ability Limit:
Lasts six posts, four post cool down

Ability Name:
Fifth Blessing- Conductivity

Ability Effect:
Controlling Lightning, Serephene can take in electricity and dish it out accordingly. She can summon gales of lightning, or merely stun an opponent with static. This makes her not only immune to electricity, but immune to paralysis as well.

Ability Limit:
Can be insulated, as well as absorbed by people immune to lighting. Cannot be used if allies are too close. After a large gale, it has a four-post cool down. Smaller strikes have no CD.

Ability Name:
The Sixth and Final Blessing- Arondight.

Ability Effect:
The aura that naturally surrounds Basaka is solidified into one single, indestructible blade.
Using Arondight negates the effects of For Someone's Glory, resulting in Basaka's features being shown. It does not have a large scale attack, but instead boosts her parameters, and can take any attack without damage. It also increases the success rate of saving throws, and provides an advantage against dragons due to the lore behind the blade. Combined with Mad Enhancement, Arondight's ability to magnify Basaka's martial prowess is tripled, causing nearly invisible speed.

Ability Limit:
Must take two posts to summon beside her, and she cannot use her Passive For Someone's Glory.
Serephene Basaka

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