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Basaka, finished

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Basaka, finished

Post by Serephene Basaka on Wed Apr 22, 2015 2:23 pm


Serephene Erynn Lancelot, Berserker Class.

Titles: The Blood-Red blade. Corrupted Shadow. Devil's Scythe.



Half-elf, from the frozen Jokull Reign

   Basaka has black armor, completely covering her entire body. The armor, being gender-neutral, is immune to any physical attack. A menacing aura surrounds Serephene at all times. Crimson red light flows out of her visor, and emanates from her hands.

However, underneath her armor... Is a beautiful woman. Long, golden hair falls to her waist. Deep, amber eyes lie beneath long eyelashes, withholding secrets in their depths. A strong frame suits the half-elf, muscle obvious underneath soft, rosy flesh. Men are lured by her beauty, only to be spurned by her anger, and killed by her madness. Many have fallen for her, and many have fallen to her blade.


There are few beings in this world who can truly say that they've been touched by madness, corrupted by the Devil himself. Those who can, can understand the cloud that takes over, shrouding any true thought from taking place in mind. They can claim to have seen the red vision, the blood-filled dreams of a massacring nightmare- and truthfully say that they relished in the ability to take life away in an instant. These people are born torn, incomplete, and filled with more hatred than any living being. They know what it's like to be truly angry, to want to tear into a living being without mercy. In fact, they've done it.

Multiple times.

Such a person isn't truthfully born this way. They must be searched for, measured, CHOSEN to be mad. Satan himself must reach out a hand, caress their soul, and take it for his own. This, this madness, this corruption.. Is what happened to Serephene. A half-elf born into the Jokull Reign, left to die as a mongrel in the frozen plains, was approached by a savior. Given the choice to die, or to kill, the three-summer old Elfling chose to live, to carry out the Devil's bidding. Smiling, the demon took the youth's hand, and promised her a better life.

Spiriting her away from the frozen area, Lucifer delivered her to her birthplace- where her unknowing parents waited, their fate soon to be revealed unto them. The small girl, unsure of what was happening, looked up to her savior. It had been another four summers, and he had finally chosen to let her prove herself. Her concerned look was met with a smile, before dark black wings curled around her, offering comfort. There, in her home town, she was blessed with madness.

The entire village was drowning in its own blood, in less than an hour.

Returning to the being who saved her, the young woman looked up to him calmly- eyes showing the change that had taken over her. A proud, triumphant smile made its way across the fallen angel's lips, as he lowered himself to one knee before her. Whispers were exchanged between the two, along with six blessings. Standing, Lucifer nodded to the Elf before offering his hand to her. The Elf, sure of who she found him to be, put her blood stained palm to his. Though this was the last time she saw her adoptive father face-to-face, she has never left his side since.

(Her theme, just give it a bit of a listen, patience for the first thirty seconds gets you past the screaming.)

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